What do i need to be a personal trainer in nyc?

Personal training in New York is big business, just ask all the famous personal trainers who make a living here. There's nothing better than seeing the words PASS after taking your personal training certification exam. Whether you choose professional certification in addition to your college degree or instead of a college degree, you'll want to make sure that the professional certification complements your career goals, your personal training specialty (if any), and that it's recognized by local employers. To become a personal trainer in New York City, you must have nationally recognized personal trainer certifications approved by the NCCA and DEAC.

You'll learn from highly qualified and supportive personal fitness instructors who have years of real-world experience in a wide variety of fitness environments. Victoria holds a bachelor's degree from Brown University and graduated from the FPTI Master Course in Personal Training. These gyms are a crucial indicator of the state of the industry because they represent the most accessible way for the average person to get quality training. Learn advanced personal training and nutritional training skills designed only for experienced personal trainers.

Many schools that offer degree programs in personal training require an internship, which is designed to provide you with a real-world hands-on experience under the guidance of an experienced personal trainer. While a college program will give you the deepest learning experience, including learning subjects that don't focus solely on personal training, it comes at a price that not everyone can afford, both in time and money.

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